Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

We regularly monitor our activities to ensure our adherence to law, ethical standard and embrace responsibility for the impact of our operation on the environment, communities and employees. As part of CSR, We:

  • Are committed  to promoting non-economic social values
  • Are committed to helping community-based macro development projects
  • Are committed to contributing to skill development trainings, Education facilities for children, donating to the orphanage, community hospital and health post and building water tapes in the rural areas.
  • Are committed to Eco-friendly tour / trekking operations
  • Are committed to meaningful measurements of social and environmental performance.
  • Are committed to voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere.
  • Are committed to supporting social and environmental efforts through economic action.


Participation on international travel mart / fairs / Expos:

To date, the Group of Makalu Adventures has participated in the following International Travel Marts and Expos:

ITB, Berlin 2006
MATKA, Helsinki, Finland 2007
FITUR, Madrid, Spain 2008
WTM, London, UK 2008
WTM, London, UK 2009
Luxury Travel Expo, Los Vegas, USA 2009
FITUR, Spain 2010