Vision Mission and Values

Doing well by doing it good.
Our drive for innovative destination management is to constantly reinvent the diversity, uniqueness and cultural heritage of this region while keeping a strong focus on sustainability and environmental tourism efforts.

Our mission is to create and offer the most memorable and adventurous experience of a lifetime in one of the last remaining underexplored places in our world – Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. These are simply the most spectacular nature and culture destinations, offering an incredible array of opportunities for travelers in search of active, thrilling, educational experience or simply relaxing vacations.

Our Values
Quality, customer satisfaction and integrity: We carry these values because we care about you, our employees, the environment and the future generations. We firmly believe that putting our values into practice creates long term benefits for us all.

Our ethic
A core element of our ethic is to work with local communities to achieve sustainable forms of development consistent with conservation goals.

Our Winning culture
Our business is only as strong and sustainable as the communities in which we operate.

Our team comprised of people from diverse backgrounds each possessing unique skills and experience. It is this diversity which fosters creativity and innovation enabling us to create some of the most outstanding products and services in the travel tourism industry. We have the right team of people to help us reach our goals.

We are committed to providing our guests the security and comfort, the professional guidance of its experienced crew and a welcoming and friendly environment – taking into account our permanent respect for nature.

Custom, Private Tours
With many years of experience in researching, designing and operating fun filled trips in our region, we have the right expertise to offer complete, customized travel service to small and large groups and individuals including for family, corporate visitors, educational groups or individuals.

Customized Offer
Our itineraries are designed to offer meaningful interaction with the surroundings, and difficulty levels-ranging from easy to strenuous-are adaptable to most ages and physical abilities. All our treks, tours and expedition packages are organized considering the clients’ interest and specific budget without compromising our quality service. This represents a great value and comfort for those wanting the best values for their money.

Best Value Trips
We are dedicating to offering the highest quality; safest and best value trips that we can. We want our clients to experience the pleasure of finding and pursuing a passion for travel and deep sense of satisfaction after the trips.

Outbound Partners
We have been working in collaboration with some of the leading international tour operators based in the UK, USA, Germany, South Africa and Germany. Referrals can be provided on request.

Responsible Travel
We are governed by a commitment to sensitive and responsible travel policy. We strongly believe that all our soft and adventure trips should benefit the local communities; keep intact the environment and respect local traditions, custom and heritage. We tread lightly – low volume, low impact trekking/ touring are the best way for preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.
Ecosystem and Biodiversity Conservation: We follow the strictest field policies to reduce any possible negative impact on the ecosystem. We remove all liters we come across. Our guides are very knowledgeable about local plants and wildlife which helps them practicing ‘leave no trace camping ethic’.