Nestled deep in the high Himalaya between India and China, the Kingdom of Bhutan is most popularly known as the land of the Thunder Dragon or the last Shangri – La on earth. The country is the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism and has its own guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) which literally defines the country’s national policies as well as its development priorities.  In keeping with its unique national philosophy and in the backdrop of rapid globalisation processes, it has successfully retained its unique cultural; allowing access to only a limited number of foreign visitors to experience the natural beauty and of its landscapes as well as the extraordinary harmony of its traditional way of life. Surrounded by myths and secreted within the mightiest mountain chain, Bhutan offeres visitors the opportunity to glimpse another way of living, an alternative vision of what is truly important in life.

With 26.23 % of the country’s areas designated as protected areas, the land of the Thunder Dragon is today one of the world’s top ten hotspot, boasting a rich cultural and natural divierity. The kingdom shares with Nepal the world’s greatest concentration of mountains and living heritage of Buddhism.  With its awesome scenery, steep forsted hills and misty mountains, the country is one of the few areas in the Himalaya where the traditional way of lfe survives unchanged by the passage of time. The remarkable architecture, fascinating cultural conglomeration, superb Dgongs (fortresses) and the priceless religious artifacts make Bhutan quite a unique country to visit.