Short Tours/Treks

Makalu Adventure now offers a range of short and soft hiking programs in and around the Kathmandu valley foothills. Most of these hikes are easily accessible after a short drive from the city centre involving a few hours’ pleasant walk with incredible mountain scenery and the opportunity to experiencing Nepal’s unique rural communities. These trips are highly rewarding to those with limited time and also to those who do not wish to embark upon lengthy and arduous treks in the Himalayas, yet would still wish to explore Nepal’s back country, its people and culture. The Kathmandu valley is surrounded by beautiful hills and tradition farming villages and is mostly covered by lovely forest. In addition to the stunning mountain scenery, the rural communities, these day hiking trips also offer varied and fascinating bird watching opportunities. These hikes in themselves are like stepping back in time.

Some of these hiking trips from Kathmandu, for example to the medieval towns of Bungmati, Khokana, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Changunarayana or Kirtipur are a good way to see this beautiful country. You can start a hike from any of these towns and walk to another through lush paddy fields and interesting villages – seeing wood carvers and carpet weavers at work in Bungmati, or the extraction and bottling of mustard oil in Khokana, just to name a few.

Do join us to explore these interesting hiking trips.