Yoga Tour

Considering visitors’ increasing interests in Yoga and Meditation tours in Nepal, Makalu Adventure now offers some of the most rewarding Yoga and Meditation tour and treks in the Himalayas, for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Designed after a thorough research for their secluded locations, and in consultation with some of the prominent Yoga teachers from within, these programs gradually nurture spiritual practices in visitors and culminate in a healthy lifestyle thereafter. Some of these programs are short and are combined with city’s main historical / cultural attractions, whereas others are moderately lengthy that combine elements of soft trekking / tours and extensive Yoga / Meditation practices. For those interested in walking meditation, we also have a separate program where participants are taught to walk through the solitary trails completely mindful and alert. All these trails are safe and free from the hazardous elements. And for the more adventurous who wish to go barefoot while absorbing the energy of mother earth and rejuvenating their inner self, we also have some exclusive short and medium range programs under the heading Barefoot Trails.

Whatever your interests may be, just give us some ideas of what interest you most and in what ways you would like to spend your holidays here and we will come up with a fitting itinerary for you in no time. The short culture tours within Kathmandu valley with Yogic day hikes and meditation practices around the valley rim are ideal choices for those having limited time wherein, there are a host of different programs for people with enough time to take in the country’s diverse socio- culture landscape including her people, their way of life and age old tradition. As mentioned earlier, all of these programs are exhaustively researched and personally assessed for their location, quality and resources.

So join us and feel rejuvenated!