Tibet – the autonomous Region, the mystic Shangri-la, the forbidden Kingdom or the Roof of the World, is a source of inspiration for sages and ordinary at all time, and has captured man’s imagination for centuries. Great explorers and adventurers of the century have ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile nature conditions and bandits that waylaid them across through the Himalayas. Popularly known as the “Roof of the World” Tibet, the very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery, and a land of ancient Buddhist Culture. Awesome landscape, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and centuries-old caravan trails. Lying at an average altitude of 4,000m Tibet greatly captivates the imagination of travelers and adventure seekers. Its majestic scenery, mysterious and exotic monastic culture, high and rugged mountains, wonderful people and unique architecture reward every visitor with an indelible life long memory. The newly arrived train service to its capital city Lhasa adds romance to this unique experience.


Following are some of the highly researched Makalu Adventure Tibet Culture Tours that can be customized to include any other activities + destinations (Nepal, Bhutan and India) if you so desired. All of these tours initially start following your arrival to Kathmandu and completing the Tibet Visa formalities. We leave it for you to decide what sorts of activities you wish to engage in during your time in Kathmandu. Once we have this information from you we will then device the itinerary accordingly.