Why With Us

Fully committed to the principles of sustainable travel tourism, Makalu Adventure offers a varied portfolio of culture tours, treks and expedition to the world’s most elusive destinations. Established in 1998, we operate our services exclusively throughout Nepal and parts of Tibet, Bhutan and India. Whilst our Nepal trips are thoroughly researched and meticulously planned, the trips to Bhutan, Tibet and India too are highly acclaimed for their cost, quality and timeframes. In addition to having its own grand 3 star hotel – the Thamel Eco Resort, in the heart of Nepal’s tourist hub – Thamel, providing quality accommodation for its clients, Makalu Adventure also has its own fully air conditioned private vehicles for our clients to be transported in and around and throughout the country.

Our Services and Specialties:

  • Exclusive Tours and Treks to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India
  • Peak Climbing in Nepal
  • Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal and Tibet
  • Highly professional, multilingual tour and trekking guides
  • Domestic and international airlines ticket stocks – making one of the most resourceful and reliable company in Nepal.
  • Competitive price
  • Reliability, Safety and diversity of our programs
  • State-of-the-art Office Premises, fully equipped to handle any rescue, emergency and evacuation work promptly.
  • Own hotel (The Thamel Eco Resort – 3 star standard- www.thamelecoresort.com)
  • Everest Paragliding ( http://everestparagliding.com ), Pokhara
  • Fully air conditioned Toyota 15 seats vehicles and Luxury Coaches

Since our inception in the early 90s, we have devoted ourselves to creating a range of fun filled, imaginative and once in a lifetime travel experiences to these exotic destinations. Join in to explore the regions of Makalu Adventure and experience the differences with us. We have over 20 years solid experience in providing unbeatable services for clients of all ages and interests. Mr. Mohan Lamsal, the Managing Director and founder of this company alone brings along 28 years of solid experience working with Nepalese travel and tourism industry in offering a range of highly exclusive adventure portfolio.

Our expertises are reflected in our leadership quality, intimate group size, hand crafted private itineraries and deep in country knowledge. Researching new destinations and crafting highly customized itineraries specific to the localities have remained hallmark of Makalu Adventure’s work. This in turn has enabled us to better fulfill our clients’ desire to explore many off the beaten path areas while avoiding the rather busy and used up destinations. Our specialized tailor-made services allow you to enjoy a unique holiday in the manner and location of your own choice. Just let us know what you would like and leave the rest to us. You will come back rewarded.

What makes us different?
What differentiates us mostly from rest of our friends in the adventure business has simply to do with the ways we organize our trips from the beginning to its end. All of Makalu Adventure trips are, first and foremost, thoroughly researched and their quality duly assessed before they are approved as our products. Secondly small group, clean and comfortable accommodation, expert local guides and strong logistic support is what that defines Makalu Adventure travel itineraries.

The Advantages:
What advantages will you have in joining Makalu Adventure trips? There are many; but what may attract you mostly is quite frankly the quality of service we provide you at a very competitive price followed by an excellent team work we put in action. In addition to these, as a trusted adventure company with experience for over 15 years of field work, you will have peace of mind in securing a booking with one of the most reliable company.

The Trips:
We do not simply run “trips” but in running such trips, we intend barely to lay open the grounds for your adventure and leave it to yourself to explore your own “trip”. Our trips are first and foremost fantastic holidays which are designed to be inspirational and fun. You return content and enriched – that is the essence of our trips, regardless of the kind of activities you have chosen to undertake.

Diversity of Adventure:
If diversity of Adventure is what you are seeking, Makalu Adventure has trips to satisfy your most imaginative spirit. We have devoted many years to creating a range of imaginative and unforgettable adventures in the region. The countries which we feature are truly diverse offering a range of experiences among the world’s most dramatic sceneries.

In Nepal we offer culture tours, trekking, mountaineering expedition, Jungle safari, white water rafting and paragliding, just to name a few. Whereas in Tibet, Bhutan and India, we have culture tours, treks, and Mt. Biking programs. The Tibet Mt. biking program (Lhasa – Kathmandu: the longest descent in the world) is especially noted for its popularity in the world and which remains one of the most prominent programs we have run in the region so far. We in the meantime, are also proud to have introduced this trip for the first time in this region as a whole.

Regardless of what activities you plan to undertake, you will be surprised at the extent of flexibility we have in offer during your trip here. Each trip itineraries are crafted (and can be customized) in such a way allowing you to experience the fascinating socio-culture diversity of this country. Any trips to Nepal will be virtually meaningless if it were devoid of the opportunity for cultural immersion. Mindful of this our priorities in crafting any itineraries are the maximization of these experiences once you come to visit this country. Even during only a weeklong visit, we wish to give you as much exposure as possible.

Opportunity for exploration
Pampering in excess spoils the thrills and we are very mindful of not making your trip a very heavyweight one. After all, this is your holiday and you may naturally wish to spend it not being too pampered or even unnecessarily being escorted. Whilst every aspect of the trips are taken care of including your health, safety and logistics arrangements, our aim is to allow you the opportunity to be an explorer of your own.

Competent team
As noted frequently elsewhere, we have a very competent team of professionals who are selected very carefully based on the record of their actual performance. We hire and retain only the best professionals. All of our lead / assistant guides, support staff and porters are well trained and are provided with adequate equipment / gears, food, accommodation and health insurance benefits who enjoy very high if not equal level of protection while in the field. They will leave no stone unturned to make your trip not only successful and fun filled but also a very memorable one. The quality of our people is what makes us stand out.

Sound logistic support
We recognize that no adventure activities are going to be successful unless there are sound logistic arrangements to support the undertakings. To this end, we have learned a great deal in coming to perfect our logistic arrangements to the present level, no matter where or at what altitudes our trips are organized. As with culture tours, the logistics are rather sumptuous; allowing a very high level of flexibility for you to choose from and to engage into. Whilst on the mountain (during trekking and expedition), the logistics are most often very moderate. Accommodations are either in high quality tent or clean and comfortable local tea houses. Though, the food is always of very high quality; due mainly to the exceptional skill of our kitchen staff as well as due in small part of our endeavors in using as much organic food stuffs as locally available.

We regularly assess the safety concern of our clients and have in fact, learned a great deal from our experiences of operating various adventure trips in the region, for the last 15 years. In consultation with our field staff we constantly investigate and identify options to mitigate the safety risks and initiate appropriate preventive actions in our future trips. This provides a framework for us to planning, responding to and recovering from any emergency that is likely to arise in any of our trips.

In our Kathmandu office we regularly organize trainings for new employees ensuring proper orientation and training in environmental and safety procedures before they can start work with us. Some of these training are site –specific safety orientation and in such instances training are conducted at the relevant work site where new employee get to learn firsthand the use of various safety related tools.

While on the trip our lead staffs are responsible for assessing the client’s safety concerns and reporting back to us if any serious attention is required to address the problem. Our staffs are trained in First Aid leadership and can provide you the basic medical treatment by tracing the symptoms of certain alignments should it occur while on the trip. In each of our trip they carry a fully supported First Aid Medical Kit, oxygen cylinders and PAC bags which come very handy in treating minor injuries and curing certain illness. However, they (guides / field staffs) are not any professionally trained medical experts and therefore do not possess in depth knowledge of all the medical know how. During your trip, therefore if you become concerned with any aspect of your health condition and safety matters, you should promptly inform your group leader to communicates the situation to the Kathmandu office so we are able to arrange the necessary medical / rescue efforts promptly. .

All of our itineraries are thoroughly researched and worked out allocating enough time for appropriate rest and acclimatization. And although there have been very few instances of our clients needing any serious medical / rescue / evacuation attention, still however, emergencies can happen at any time and by anticipating and preparing we can mitigate the impacts and undesirable consequences. We ask your active co-operation for making your trip a safe one.

Authenticity and protection
Your booking with us are fully protected and secured as we are a registered agency and are at work only after obtaining proper protection and authorization by the Nepal Government, Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Tourism Board, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank and the Ministry of Finance taxation office.

We have active association and affiliation with the following governmental and non-govt. organization:
A detailed list of our registrations and licenses for operation:

Registered with:

  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA)
  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC)
  • Government of Nepal, Department of Inland Revenue and Customs (inc. VAT)

Affiliated with:

  • Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Nepal Mountaineering Federation (NMF)
  • Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association (NMIA)
  • Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATA)
  • Nepal Association of Tour Operators (NATO)
  • Society of Adventure Tour Operators’ Association (SATO)
  • Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
  • Porters’ Progress Nepal (PPN)
  • Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN)
  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)
  • Sustainable Tourism Network (STN)
  • Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA)
  • United States Tour Operators Association (USTO)
  • Nepal Canyoning Association (NCA)

Responsible Travel:
We are committed to responsible tourism practices which form an integral part of our operation, benefiting the local economy and the environment. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) our operation policy and guidelines are streamlined to maximizing the positive benefits and minimizing any negative impact on the local environment in areas where we operate our trips. Central to this philosophy is our adherence to contributing to the local communities in their efforts to education, income generation and environmental activities. Whilst maintaining the local environment, our policies and practices aim to ensure that we and our clients act in a way which is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We always employ local staff and whenever possible purchase the supplies locally which certainly add to the local economy.

When researching new and off the beaten path areas our priorities are always on the consideration of socio-culture / economic aspect of the locality which gives us clear indication of our future commitment in contributing to its development and sustainability. In addition, we also encourage our clients to consider a range of home stays / village stay programs that can contribute to the local economy and in return can provide in depth cultural insights to the visitors.

Porter’s Protection
We are actively involved in protecting porters’ rights in Nepal and have been leading International Porters Protection Group (IPPG), Nepal chapter for the last few years. All our porters are provided with adequate facilities that have been set out by the IPPG policies and guidelines.